University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) Close

University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) is in charge of higher education and research on technical and non-technical areas. The technical ones are centred on Telecommunications, Informatics, and Industrial engineering disciplines. The non-technical ones are related to Law, Economics, Journalism and Librarianship. The university is in a growing process and its current size is around 17,000 students and 1,500 professors.

The Telematics Department of UC3M is involved in education and research on broadband networks, advanced Internet networking and applications, mobility in communication networks, and intelligent agents. Its staff is steadily increasing, and at this moment includes 2 full professors, 23 associate professors, 25 part-time lecturers plus 19 research assistants. The Telematics Department lectures approximately to 1,800 pre- and post-graduate students in Telecommunications Engineering and Informatics Engineering.

The staff of the Telematics Department of UC3M has participated and directed projects of several European R&D programs (ESPRIT, RACE, ACTS, IST), Spanish R&D programs (PLANBA, MCYT, PASO), and also in contracts with the industry and public administrations. UC3M currently participates in advanced networking projects such as FP6 IST MUSE integrated project, FP6 IST DAIDALOS integrated project, FP6 IST E-NEXT NoE, FP6 IST E-Photon/One NoE, together with Spanish projects such as OPTINET6 and CAPITAL.