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Telecom Italia Lab (TILAB) is the Innovation and Engineering Division of Telecom Italia S.p.A: it has been created to increase the innovation level of the Group, through the new technologies scouting, feasibility studies and the development of new services and products prototypes. The staff is represented by 1.600 researchers.

The research activities are carried out in the main innovative directions such as the architecture of fixed and mobile networks, platforms and service solutions, evolution of the internet, multimedia, ICT security, research and development of integrated silicon products (System On Chip). Co-operation with other bodies is a fundamental part of Telecom Italia Lab's activities, since it fosters potential synergies and know-how integration aimed at widening the company's interest range. Telecom Italia Lab has been a participant from the beginning to the European Union Framework Programmes, starting with the first pilot projects of the ESPRIT programme in 1983, and is continuing as one of the primary European collaborators in terms of both finance and the number of projects.

TILAB has been involved in more than 50 IST Projects in the Fifth Framework Programme; among the others, it is worth mentioning the following:

* IMAP: Innovative Mobile Advertising Platform
* GRACE: GRID Search Engine
* LION: Layers Interworking in Optical Networks
* OCCAMM: Open Component For Controlled Access To Multimedia Material
* WINE GLASS: Wireless IP Network as a Generic Platform for Location Aware Service Support

Telecom Italia Lab is also active in several standardisation bodies; among them can be recalled: ETSI, FSAN, IETF, ISO/JTC1/MPEG, ITU-T, Parlay, OIF, SIP Forum, TM Forum, UMTS Forum, W3C, 3G.IP, 3GPP.