Internet Technology Advisors is an Internet consulting company located in Stockholm, Sweden. We are focusing on consulting services for the telecommunications industry. We help out clients with network desing and engineering, as well as vendor selection/managment and technology training.

The owner and principal staff is Kurt Erik "Kurtis" Lindqvist. A long time Internet enginner, Kurtis has worked on a number of Internet technologies. He was among other things part of creating the first on-line game where you could win money in real-time (1996). Kurtis spent much of his career building networks and required supporting organisations.i This was often done from scratch. He was part of establishing the first ISP on the Åland Islands(1994-1996), and merging it with it's competitor (1996) before he spent 1997-2000 building EUnet Internationals (later KPNQwest) swedish network, before moving to then KPNQwest to work for the office of the CTO doing network architecture, planning and research (2000-2002).

Kurtis has a long history with international Internet organisations such as RIPE and IETF. He is currently a member of the Internet Architecture Board, and co-chair of IETF Multi6-Wg, shim6 WG, v6ops WG and the chair of the RIPE NCC Services WG.