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CSC - Finnish Information Technology Centre for Science (CSC-Scientif ic Computing Ltd.), one of the largest supercomputing centres in the Northern Europe, was established in 1971. Today it is a powerful information technology centre for high-performance computing and networking recognised at national and pan-European levels. Being a non-profit organisation owned by the Finnish Ministry of Education, CSC states its mission as developing and providing computing, modelling and information services for universities, research institutions and industry.

CSC maintains and operates Funet, the Finnish University and Research Network, a 2.5 and 10 Gbit/s network serves the Finnish scientific community and connects over 80 research organisations and 250,000 users across Finland. CSC has been active in various IPv6 deployment activities, and indeed the Funet backbone has been dualstack since 2002. CSC also provides an expertise in various fields of networking and closely co-operates with the Funet member organisations.

CSC promotes its high-performance computing and networking resources via collaborative research and development projects with academic and industrial partners across Finland and Europe. CSC serves more than two thousand scientific customers and more than six hundred different research projects within the Finnish academic sector. CSC also closely collaborates with corporate research centres and national companies. CSC has been engaged in a number of EU projects, e.g., HPCNTTN network, NedLib, REYNARD, 6NET, DEISA, EMBRACE, ENACTS etc. CSC also plays a major role in the national Grid activities and participates in building European and national Grid infrastructures.